Leeds Inspired API Terms And Conditions

Thank you for requesting access to the Leeds Inspired API. Please take the time to read and agree to our terms and conditions of use.

What we expect Leeds Inspired API users to do:

  1. Abide by the limitations on calls/access to the API
  2. Use the Leeds Inspired marque logo next to Leeds Inspired sourced content*
  3. Embed a link in the logo to direct users to the Leeds Inspired website*
  4. Use the Leeds Inspired API in accordance with the House Rules that are set out for Leeds Inspired event creators
  5. Work in partnership with Leeds Inspired and provide feedback about the Leeds Inspired API to help us improve the quality of our service
  6. Suggest to your service users that they check with the venue for the latest dates and times before attending an event listed in in the Leeds Inspired API

What we don't want Leeds Inspired API users to do:

  1. Sell on or syndicate Leeds Inspired content
  2. Use the data to monitor Leeds Inspired’s products and services
  3. Use the Leeds Inspired logo or name in a way that indicates endorsement or sponsorship
  4. Modify the content that we supply (eg changing descriptions/dates/times of events)
  5. Create API's that contain Leeds Inspired content
  6. Charge users a premium to access Leeds Inspired content
  7. Use the Leeds Inspired API to duplicate the service provided by Leeds Inspired

Leeds Inspired is not responsible for:

  1. Incorrect events data. This is supplied directly by the event creator and Leeds Inspired is not able to check every event for accuracy.
  2. 2. Images used without permission. All events creators are required to use images that do not breach copyright. Leeds Inspired accepts images in good faith and is not able to check image permission rights.

* Please refer to the Leeds Inspired Brand Guidelines.