Leeds Inspired Brand Guidelines

This information is provided to help you use the Leeds Inspired logo without having to arrange a formal agreement with us. Please do not modify or alter the marks or use them in a confusing way, including suggesting sponsorship or endorsement by Leeds Inspired, or in a way that confuses our brand with any another brand.

If you'd like to use our brand in a way that is not covered by here, please contact us at hello@leedsinspired.co.uk and include a visual mockup of your intended use.


Leeds Inspired Logo Mono EPS | PNG
Leeds Inspired Logo in Blue Blue EPS | PNG
Leeds Inspired Logo in Green Green EPS | PNG
Leeds Inspired Logo in Red Red EPS | PNG
Leeds Inspired Logo in Purple Purple EPS | PNG

For dark backgrounds:

Leeds Inspired Logo in White White EPS . PNG

Usage Guidelines


  • Use our logo in any of the official colour variations to represent the Leeds Inspired Brand
  • Maintain a buffer around the logo of at least 1/3 the logo height


  • Rotate the logo.
  • Animate the logo.
  • Change the colour of the logo.
  • Merge the logo with any other graphic elements.
  • Use any other marks to represent the Leeds Inspired brand.
  • Display the logo in any size less than 24 x 24 pixels.

Promoting Leeds Inspired

If syndicating data from Leeds Inspired via the API, in accepting our Terms of Use, you agree to include our logo with a link back to the Leeds Inspired website (http://www.leedsinspired.co.uk).

You may also have a profile on Leeds Inspired that you would like to link to.


  • Include the logo, linked to the Leeds Inspired website.
  • In print applications include both logo and website url.
  • Link specific events, places, categories, etc, to their corresponding page on the Leeds Inspired website.
  • Ensure that the minimum height of the Leeds Inspired logo is a minimum of 110% of the height of any accompanying text.


  • Include the logo multiple times in the same screen (for listings it is enough to include the logo and link once).
Leeds Inspired Logo Spacing Guidelines

Please note: Image indicates the maximum size of text that can accompany the logo in this example. Please ensure any smaller text is legible.

Merchandise and other items

These guidelines only cover the usage of the our logo in digital and print media. Please contact us if you would like permission to use the Leeds Inspired logo in other applications including merchandise or other products.